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  • Mediterranean Magic Seasoning Blend

Mediterranean Magic - Middle Eastern Seasoning Blend

2.8 oz ( 80 gm) This product usually ships within 24 hours, via priority, 2-day shipping from the USPS

Product Description

This might be one of the great discoveries from the old world. It is truly a one-of-a-kind blend that can be use in 100s of ways. Get that Lamb shank ready. Sauce up those kabobs. Go catch the Snapper and get ready to grill.  Intense flavors of orange peel, garlic, coriander and other spices are just begging for the chance to make you happy! Amazing when used with vegetables and Quinoa. Oh, and fish too!

We are not joking here - this is one of the best seasoning blends you will ever try!  Our customers tell us that too!  Just click the reviews tab above and see for yourself! 

Ingredients Include:
Sea salt, kelp, dulse, onion, cumin, coriander, garlic, paprika, fenugreek, red pepper, parsley, thyme, lemon peel, orange peel and black pepper

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Product Reviews

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  1. Spice of Life

    Posted by Mary on Feb 4th 2024

    I have been using this entire spice line for years and LOVE them. I often will toss some Arugula with EVOO then season using these flavors of the world! Delightful !!!!!!

  2. Perfect Blend

    Posted by Debby on Dec 3rd 2023

    You can’t go wrong with any of these World Seasonings❣️ They all have the perfect blend of flavors making any meal a success❣️ Great on meat, pasta, sauces and salads…get creative❣️? Well worth the price❣️❣️

  3. Can’t go wrong

    Posted by Tara on Sep 20th 2023

    Can’t go wrong with having this in your arsenal of spices. Love it on everything. Before I grill any veggies I sprinkle this on. It’s by far a favorite!

  4. Good seasoning, but excessively priced and bad packaging

    Posted by j on Oct 9th 2020

    The seasoning is good. However, the price (almost $11) for a paltry 2.8oz is ridiculous. Further, the packaging does not have a "sprinkle" thing, so you have to either spoon it out, which means wasting a lot of it, or find a bottle with a sprinkle thing. I enjoy it, but it's not worth the excessive price.

    Hello J - Thank you for your honest comment. We appreciate the feedback. There are 3 important reasons why we didn't use a traditional shaker bottle:

    These seasoning blends were created in a restaurant and that called for being able to pinch and sprinkle the spices as the chef needed too.

    Also, do to the various size in all the herbs and spices that we use in our blends, if we used them in a traditional shaker bottle, the ratio of the mix would favor the heavier items over the lighter dried herbs as you shake away.

    Lastly, if a shaker bottle is used over a steaming pot, or sizzling pan, moister can easily get into the shaker and causes the spices to clump and degrade faster.

    We are more than willing to refund your order if you send us a message requesting one. Just let us know if you would like to do that!

  5. Best spice ever

    Posted by MARTA KORDAS on Jun 9th 2020

    Great combination of spices, goes great with everything

  6. most awesome seasoning

    Posted by cathie on Jun 11th 2019

    compares to nothing else, the best ever

  7. So so good!

    Posted by Jessy on Mar 17th 2019

    Worked really well for my Mediterranean Chicken & Rice Bowls. Great flavor with every bite!

  8. Favorite Seasoning!! Use on everything!!

    Posted by Kim on Feb 13th 2019

    We sampled your seasoning is the LaJolla William Sonoma store over a year ago. We love them and just reordered and are trying so new ones too!!

  9. Best ever

    Posted by Marta on Dec 2nd 2018

    Thank you for creating my now favorite seasoning. I use it on everything from meats, fish to eggs. Make my own salad dressing, it's the only seasoning in my pantry for about 2 years.

  10. Creating Mediterranean Magic

    Posted by Donna P. on Aug 7th 2017

    I have several recipes for garbanzo bean salad, but none of them tastes as yummy as when I use Mediterranean Magic. Once I put too much in, and it just made it spicier without making it saltier. This is my go-to when I'm unsure about which blend to use in nearly any dish. I especially appreciate the easy-to-follow descriptive recipes on the World Seasonings. Travis has saved many a meal on the east coast without knowing it!

  11. Mediterranean Magic

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 12th 2016

    Every time I use it I get complements on the dish. Especially good with an orzo, corn and tomato salad I made.

  12. Best spice mix ever!!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 4th 2015

    This is my favorite spice mix. Flavorful, savory, perfect for chicken and pork chops, smells heavenly - it truly is Mediterranean Magic!!

  13. delicious and versatile

    Posted by Madeleine on Sep 7th 2015

    Makes cooking good food easy! We'll be buying more of these blends, we especially can't wait until the French is back in stock!

  14. Making My Mouth Happy!

    Posted by ganesa on May 28th 2015

    Discovering World Seasonings has changed my life for the better. Before we got these spices my boyfriend and I would rarely cook ay home. We'd end up eating out a lot so our tastebuds wouldn't get bored. Now we can throw a pinch of these seasonings in simple dishes to save money... and we lost weight without trying! Med Magic is my favorite. I throw it in my morning egg&veg scramble, in my soups, and I use it to jazz up any leftovers that aren't cutting it. Our next step is to branch out to new recipes that are fast and simple, though I have found a few new ones to add to my repertoire thanks to this sight as well! I am a happy customer.

  15. Sprinkle it on

    Posted by Zach on May 25th 2015

    This can be used as a stand alone seasoning, but I more often find myself combining it with other seasonings. I use it with Mexican in a minute if I want to create a unique flavor. I also find myself using it with Go Greek often. I can add it to almost anything and it makes it that much better.

  16. Kurz

    Posted by Unknown on May 20th 2015

    I'm pretty sure there is crack in this stuff! At minimum it's equally as addictive (in a good way). We use it on everything from chicken to grilled veggies! Best spice blend I've ever had. We re-up our supply 5 times a year!!

  17. This stuff is "magic"

    Posted by Jen on Apr 5th 2015

    OMG - my husband and I love this seasoning. We use it on everything we cook. It is my favorite out of all your seasonings!

RECIPES USING Mediterranean Magic - Middle Eastern Seasoning Blend