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Tips on Cooking

Whether you are a novice cook or a seasoned chef, these blends were designed to make your life in the kitchen easier than you ever thought possible.  We promise you that!

Put the salt and pepper shakers down for 2 weeks. Use our blends on everything you cook!  You can use them to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner, plus all kinds of snacks and side dishes! They are all interchangeable - meaning you can take any of them and use them on the same foods.

For example, French Made Easy will make egg dishes taste better than 99% of the eggs you've ever tried.  Well, if you don't feel like using the French blend, you can simply cook the eggs the exact same way but pick a different blend - say Mexican in a Minute.  How ever you prefer to cook them, just pick a blend and cook away.  American Bounty is amazing on any type of meat you like to cook - fish too - but so is Mediterranean Magic, Italiano Pronto, and Smokin ChipotleGo Greek is amazing on lamb, chicken, in yogurt, and veggies, but so is Curry in a Hurry.  It goes on and on...endless possibilities!

Our blends are great  for ny meat or fish, vegetables, grains, beans, rice, soups, dips, in salad dressings, in marinades, baking bread, sauces, rubs or even for making stocks and broths. It truly is endless how many ways they can be used, and that is a big part of the fun in using them!  They are great on anything and you do not need to use any other spices or extra salt.

Just have fun trying them on anything and everything.  A pinch here and there is the best way to learn about them.

So here are some general suggestions for how to use them.

Foods: Uses:

Small pinch or two per egg.  Sprinkle over eggs when cooking, or mix in with eggs and cheese then cook.  Season your veggies for omelets when cooking them. Use in deviled eggs.  They are great in Quiche. All are good, but French Made Easy is the best in eggs.  However, Smokin' Chipotle is hard to beat too.


Use enough to your personal tastes.  Usually 1 teaspoon per side of a steak or pork chop and about the same amount of seasoning for 10 small chicken wings. Rub on dry or with oil.  Let the meat sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes or more before cooking.  All of the blends are great on a variety of meats but American Bounty is amazing on steaks.

Mediterranean Magic is the best on chicken wings. Go Greek on lamb chops is quite tasty.  Sassy Salad is fantastic on salmon.  Keep in mind, any blend = any meat.  Mix in ground beef/turkey/chicken for burgers or kabobs.

Vegetables Use enough oil of choice to coat the veggies or pan.  If sautéing veggies put a little seasoning blend in the oil and warm it to release flavors.  Add veggies and a little lemon juice over really high heat!  Asparagus is great with Curry in a Hurry.

Cauliflower is amazing with Mediterranean Magic.  You can also roast, sauté or grill! Great on roasted carrots and root veggies.  Any blend is great to use.  Mix oil and seasoning blend of choice, toss veggies and cook however you want.

Italiano Pronto is fantastic to use when roasting potatoes! French Made Easy in mashed potatoes will blow your taste buds up!

Rice/Grains/Quinoa Use as a flavoring for the water when cooking.  1 cup rice, 2 cups water, and 1 teaspoon any blend.  Add the perfect base flavor to your rice.  I love them all in Quinoa.  Use the blends for cooking the rice/grain/quinoa as well as for extra flavor after cooking.  Farro cooked with Italiano Pronto makes a great salad with parsley and chopped kale.

Beans/Peas Dried or canned – just pick the blend and use them.  Mexican in a Minute is amazing in black beans, so is Smokin' Chipotle.

Mediterranean Magic makes great a chickpea salad.  Don't miss French Made Easy or Curry in a Hurry and some other veggies with a little olive oil and lemon - Amazing!

Dips/Salsas/Bruschetta Mix with any mayo, yogurt, sour cream, or cream cheese.  1 teaspoon is all you need for every 17 ounces or so of dip. Mix in Greek yogurt for fantastic dips.  Toss some onions, peppers and tomatoes with a little oil and any seasoning, then toss in a food processor for amazing salsas. Of course Mexican in a Minute and Smokin' Chipotle make the best salsa - but try a different version with grilled corn, mango, tomatoes, mint and Go Greek.  Chop up fresh tomatoes and other ingredients for a variety of bruschetta toppings.

Salad Dressings

2 parts oil, 1 part vinegar and any blend you want.  Add lemon/lime/orange juices, Dijon mustard or honey.  Have fun – you will be surprised how many dressings you can make.  Take a pinch or two of Sassy Salad plus a pinch of any other blend.  Mix with oil and vinegar and you'll have one great dressing.  How about some Greek yogurt, a little mayo, some buttermilk and French Made Easy, for a healthier version of an American classic - Ranch Dressing.  Or, try rice wine vinegar, olive oil, Sassy Salad and a pinch of Mediterranean Magic, a little Dijon, and some honey! Serious goodness.


Great for adding flavor to soups or creating a soup around the blend like this Curried Cabbage and Potato soup.  Use to make stock with bones and veggies – French Made Easy makes great chicken stock and one amazing soup base.  Curry in a Hurry is amazing in coconut broths and Thai-style soups.  Go Greek is awesome with veggies and lamb in stews.  They make great tomato sauces too.  Italiano Pronto makes a great red sauce, but how about a Greek-flavored sauce to go with lamb?  Mediterranean Magic makes a great meatball and tomato sauce for a different kick on a classic dish.

I hope this helps you find some ways to use our blends.  Keep in mind that you can email me at anytime for recipes, suggestions or ideas at

Keep cooking! Eat Healthy! Laugh with your loved ones!