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About Us

World Seasonings is a family-run business located in San Diego, CA.  Fast, fresh and healthy cooking is what we are trying to help people do.  Our products are all natural, gluten free and are made from the highest quality of dried herbs and spices available. 

We believe that with a basic 4 step process, anyone can become a great cook and that they can learn how to make healthier food, while saving time and money. 

  1. Pick where in the world you want to eat
  2. Pick your ingredients (protiens, vegetables, grains, etc)
  3. Pick what kind of oil or fat you'd like to cook with
  4. Start cooking

It's really that easy.  We are here to help people from all over the world look at cooking from a different perspective.  Our seasoning blends can be use all day, every day, on pretty much anything you cook.