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Best Corn on the Cob Ever

Posted by World Seasonings on

This is as easy as it gets! Corn on the cob - check! BBQ grill - check! Butter - check! French Made Easy and limes - check and check!

5 mins 25 - 30 mins 35 mins


Couple pinches of French Made Easy
4-6 ears of corn
2-3 fresh limes, halved
1 stick of butter


Soak the corn in their husks, in water for about 5 minutes. Make sure your grill is nice and hot. Add corn to grill with husk and all! Close lid and let cook, turning every 8-10 minutes. Don't worry if the husk gets burnt black, everything will be just fine. The more charred the husk the better. You want to see some of the kernels browned when you peel off the husk.

corn on the cob on a charcoal grill

Remove from grill after about 25-30 minutes. It may take less time, depending on how hot your grill is and how far from the heat the corn is. Let the corn cool off a bit before peeling back the husk and corn silk. Once husked, take a stick of butter, and rub the corn down with a generous amount. Don't be shy here - butter is good! Next you need to slice the limes in half and squeeze the juice from the lime all over the ears of corn, turning to make sure they have all been coated. Finally, the goodness - take a couple pinches of French Made Easy and sprinkle all over the corn. Again, turning to make sure it's coated on all sides. We suggest using a couple pinches per ear of corn.

grilled corn of a cob with all natural french seasonings

Serve immediately! But don't forget to pay attention to everyone as they bite into the best corn they have ever had! Trust us, it's that good! It's so good we'll bet Mikey would even like it!

If you don't have French Made Easy that's okay. All of our blends are AMAZING on corn! Try the Italiano Pronto with lemon and butter!