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Creamy Polenta With Ricotta and Parmesan

Posted by World Seasonings on

This is a quick and simple side dish recipe that will compliment any amazing dish!

  5 mins   10 mins   15 mins


1 Teaspoon  French Made Easy
18 Ounces Pre-cooked Polenta
½ Cup Ricotta cheese
½ Cup Parmesan cheese, grated
⅓ Cup Whole milk


ingredients for creamy polenta with ricotta and parmesan cheese

Here are the ingredients needed for this recipe. The milk and the Parmesan cheese are missing in this picture. I originally thought the ricotta would be all I needed, but I was wrong. The milk helped thin out the polenta and the Parmesan added the missing flavor.

ricotta cheese with french seasonings

If you can find fresh ricotta, this recipe will be even better. Just make sure it is not low-fat or light ricotta. That stuff is fake and shouldn't be allowed to use the name Ricotta!

mixture of polenta, milk, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and french seasonings

Mix the polenta, milk, ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese and  French Made Easy blend together and cook over medium heat until it is smooth and creamy.

how to make creamy polenta with ricotta and parmesan cheese

Enjoy... This is great as a side dish, with some kind of meat sauce, or with braised short ribs that we also have a recipe for. We paired this with roasted carrots and short ribs. It was amazing...